Turnkey projects

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At Ipae we put our experience at the service of the client. We offer a turnkey construction service for industrial works and installations that covers from the initial phase of preliminary project to the final delivery of the work, managing and coordinating all the technical, administrative, economic, legal and security aspects.


Our service for the realization of projects of turnkey works and installations guarantees the ideal management of the time and the optimization of costs for the promoter.


In our 25 years of life we have developed a work system that perfectly integrates the development in Technical Office and Work, we have a technical team with great training and experience and a commercial team with proven customer service.


Projects developed under the turnkey concept:


  • Industrial buildings (construction of new plant and reforms).
  • Buildings of the tertiary sector.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Refrigerating installations.
  • Air conditioning installations.
  • Other industrial facilities.


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