Technical Consulting

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT: it is a technical service of Architecture and Engineering aiming at guaranteeing to the client the achievement of the technical, quality, temporary and budgetary objectives marked at the beginning.
IPAE has a 25-year experience in the development of Projects and Construction Management for both Architecture and Engineering, which have served as the basis for creating its own methodology in the development of Project Management to guarantee the highest quality of service.


DOCUMENTARY AUDITING: As a result of a long experience in the elaboration of Technical Projects for the legalization of works and installations, we have developed a document audit system for industrial installations so that the customer has updated and reliable information about the state of its facilities.

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PROJECT AUDIT: The technical review of the Engineering and Architecture Projects minimizes the risk of deviations or inefficiencies in its development. The IPAE technical team guarantees a rigorous and effective audit system that allows you to anticipate possible temporary or budgetary deviations and therefore improve the planning of the project.

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TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE: This is a technical procedure to know the general state of a building and its facilities in order to inform potential investors or the Property about the investment needs and the estimate of costs. Nowadays, it is a basic tool in the processes of buildings transactions, financing of investments and improvement of management. Our team of Engineers and Architects advises important multinational consultants and has great experience in buildings as diverse as hotels, commercial facilities, hospitals, offices or sports centers.


Technical Office of Installation and Construction Projects and Technical Consulting