IPAE’s technical consultancy consists of the development of the following services:

Project Management

Project Management

This is a technical architecture and engineering service that seeks to guarantee the client that the technical objectives, quality, time and budget set at the beginning are met.

At IPAE, we have 25 years of experience in the development of Projects and Site Management in both Architecture and Engineering. This experience serves as the basis for developing our own methodology in the development of Project Management that guarantees the highest quality of service.

Project Management is one of the main services we offer you from our technical consultancy. For more information you contact us.


Documentary Auditing

The result of long experience in the preparation of technical projects for the legalisation of works and installations.

We have developed a documentary audit system for industrial facilities so that the client has up-to-date and reliable information on the status of its installations.

Plano de arquitectura

Project Audit

The technical revision of Engineering and Architecture Projects minimizes the risk of deviations or inefficiencies in their development.

IPAE’s technical team guarantees a rigorous and effective auditing system that enables possible temporary or budgetary deviations to be anticipated. This improves the project planning.

Carpeta Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

This is a technical procedure for finding out the general condition of a building and its installations. The purpose is to inform potential investors or the property about the investment needs and cost estimates.

It is currently a basic tool in the processes of building transactions, investment financing and management improvement.

Our team of Engineers and Architects currently advises major multinational consulting firms and has extensive experience in buildings as diverse as:

  • Hotels

  • Commercial equipment

  • Hospitals

  • Offices

  • Sports centres

Technical Office of Installation and Construction Projects and Technical Consulting

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