Energy consulting

Correct advice on the recruitment and management of facilities allows to reduce the amount of the energy bill and improve the results of the company without necessarily affecting the dynamics of work.


We advise our customers independently and in a neutral manner, which guarantees the decision-making process for their energy supply entails having all the information and transparency that allows to achieve the objective of optimizing the costs.


We also look for technologically advanced and efficient solutions for the optimization of energy consumption with the dual objective of optimizing costs and helping the sustainability of the system.
We have IMPVP certified technicians and a Department of Energy and Sustainability with extensive experience in the implementation of systems for consumable energies monitoring. We help our clients to implement the ISO 50001 system.


Our energy consulting services:


  • Counseling on energy contracting
  • Energy Audits, level 0 to level 3, according to RD 56/2016
  • Carbon footprint
  • Monitoring of consumption, optimization of energy management; energy management system
  • Renewable energies, solar photovoltaic installations for self-consumption. Biomass and cogeneration
  • Subsidies and Financing. Agreements with banking national and foreign entities, and alternative entities

Case stories

Reactive power consumption:
We notice a reactive penalty of €200.68 We recommend the revision of the installed equipment to solve the overrun of surcharges.

consumo reactiva

Marked Powers:
Power peaks are noticed in P1 and P2 which entail a penalty of €527.58

potencia marcada


Technical Office of Installation and Construction Projects and Technical Consulting

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