BIM Methodology is a work methodology in which knowledge, technology, design and collaborative work are combined. Our technicians develop multidisciplinary projects using BIM methodology. Thus, we integrate the information in a single but encompassing model on which all the intervening agents work collaboratively, both in the project phase and in the execution phase of the work.

BIM Dimensions

The life cycle of a BIM project starts with an idea and ends with the project becoming a reality. This cycle can be divided into the 7 BIM dimensions:

  • 1st dimension or idea:
    An idea is established with some preliminary conditions.

  • 2nd dimension or sketch:
    The materials and the basis for the execution of the project are defined.

  • 3rd dimension, Coordination:
    Possible problems between the models of the different specialties are analyzed. In this way, execution errors are minimized.

  • 4th dimension, Work planning:
    Based on the model, the work is planned by calculating the processes considering the time factor.

  • 5th dimension, Work measurement and budget:
    Cost control in each of the phases of the project, construction, operation and maintenance.

  • 6th dimension, Energy certification:
    Thanks to the model, energy calculations, analysis and studies are carried out.

  • 7th dimension, Asset management:
    With this model we know the physical conditions of the structural, architectural and MEP elements. As well as the protocol and costs for maintenance.

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The BIM Methodology and IPAE

Through the application of this cutting-edge technology, IPAE bets on a future in which it will be able to undertake projects of greater dimension and complexity, while ensuring a capacity to adapt to the new needs of both civil works and facilities projects.

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