Technical Architecture Office

Plano de arquitectura
nave industrial en construcción

IPAE has a multidisciplinary technical arquitecture office that combines a strong training base with the necessary commercial sensitivity, working with the aim of achieving the maximum customer satisfaction.


We develop projects of residential architecture, for buildings on the tertiary sector, of interior design … for us are projects that are conceived and worked from a global perspective, completely adapted to the needs of the client, both from the point of view of functionality, as well as aesthetics and comfort.


Our technical services of Architecture:


  • Preliminary studies, preliminary projects and feasibility studies.
  • Integral projects of residential, industrial and services architecture.
  • Project management and executive management of works.
  • Coordination of health and safety during the execution phase for works.
  • Energy Building Certification.
  • Technical office of structures calculation.


Technical Office of Installation and Construction Projects and Technical Consulting

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